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I spy with my little eye

I spy with my little eye - a world free of hunger
I spy with my little eye - a safe home for every kid
I spy with my little eye - a greener tomorrow
I spy with my little eye - love and kindness all around

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Hi, I am Abhijay Potluri, I am 9 years old. "I Spy" had always been a favorite game for me and my brother Adithya. This is a game we all kids can relate, where one player becomes the spy, and selects an object for other players to find. And It very much applies to everything happening around us.
In our day to day, we all spy on so many things happening in front of our eyes. I spy people who are homeless, I spy kids who cannot go to school, I spy racism around us, I spy elderly people who need help, I spy people who throw food away on one side and people who die of hunger on the other side ...
Walking away is not an option anymore. Only if we could start acting in any smaller way on everything we spy, to start making a difference. Let us be the change for a better tomorrow.

What We Do

Our goal is to start taking action towards anything and anywhere, We can help in any smaller way.
We want to raise awareness among other kids and show that we are never too small to bring a change.
Let us keep our eyes wide open and spy on everything happening around us and help in any way we can, to show that we care.

All the little and big things around us, We all can help in little ways to make a difference and raise awareness
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UNICEF Fundraiser - We continued to make and sell more "Hope Jars" in the Christmas craft fairs to raise funds for supporting UNICEF children worldwide initiatives. $750 raised and donated to UNICEF.



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Acton Boxborough United Way gift cards to families in need - 100 "Hope Jars" made and sold at the craft fairs to raise funds for buying $500 worth of Amazon gift cards to support local families in need for the holiday season.

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Supporting local Toy Drives - "Hope Jars" made and sold in the local communities to raise funds for buying toys to be donated in Toys For Tots donation centers in police stations.

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Food and Gifts donated to Homeless shelter in Lowell with the funds raised from selling "Hope Jars" in the Children's Business fair.
Spreading holiday cheer to families in need.

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Toys and Holiday Clothing donated to Kids at the Children's Homeless shelter in Lowell with the funds raised from selling "Hope Jars".
Spreading holiday smiles to the kids in need.

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We wanted to do our little part to spread the holiday cheer to more kids in need !! We made more than 200 of these beautiful Christmas ornaments to be sold through various channels to raise funds to support kids in need and to donate to organizations supporting the kids.

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Book Drive in association with People For India (PFI) and Ekam USA to benefit underprivileged children in Hyderabad. Raised funds for $200 towards shipping the books to India !!

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Hope Jars Initiative - Many kids in this world never get to open a gift. We wanted to do something little we can to make a difference, to bring a smile on a kids face this holiday season. We initiated a GoFundMe fundraiser to support the HopJar initiative and raised more than $1500 so far. We will be splitting the funds across many local initiatives as well as supporting organizations Ekam USA, ABUW and UNICEF we had been volunteering with. GoFundMe -

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Thanks Giving Food drive in neighborhood to pack and donate 75 meal packages to all guests at Lowell Transitional Homeless Shelter. It was the most meaningful thanksgiving to get together with all our friends to cook, pack and donate scrumptious thanksgiving meal.

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Acton-Boxborough United Way Week of Action - Chalk the Walk for Racial Justice - to make chalk art around the themes of diversity, inclusion, equity and racial justice. It is an important topic for all of us to talk about and raise more awareness and this is such a creative way to showcase with chalk the walk event.

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Electronics Recycling Campaign - Multiple drives to collect unused desktop computers, laptops, hard drives, monitors, computer accessories to be recycled and donated to school children in need.

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Boxborough Fire Relief Fundraiser - Several families were displaced by a fire in one of the local communities. We have started a campaign to raise funds to support the families. All the proceeds from the fund donated to "Acton Boxborough United Way", who managed a coordinated effort to help the families. GoFundMe -

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Created a web app to help in a little way with the pandemic situation in India by providing a way to access all the useful public links and resources in one place organized in an easy to access way

Link to the web version app -

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Covid vaccine awareness campaign with UNICEF. It is important for everyone to be vaccinated to end the pandemic. This is an effort to raise awareness on the vaccine advantages and misconceptions.

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#MatchYourGiftsSpreadTheJoy campaign to match the Christmas gifts and spread the campaign on social media. Several donations made for  -

St Jude Children’s research hospital,, Acton Food Pantry, UNICEF USA, Habitat for humanity, No kid hungry, American Society for prevention of cruelty to animals, Aim For Seva.

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50 Food Packages delivered to Harvard Homeless through Ekam USA. Helped cook and pack food to be delivered to homeless shelter and the community fridge in Boston.

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Spread smiles and cheers across on Valentine's Day by making cards and packages for the elderly in the Robins Brook Senior shelter. We made around 50 packages spreading love and cheer.

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Supporting UNICEF 

Thanks to North South Foundation for giving me the opportunity to donate the prize money to support UNICEF


Excited to be a part of UNICEF family

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World Children's Day Campaign

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